When I'm not behind the lens, you might find me out dancing. To Beyonce, of course.

I might also be editing photos, because I love the post-production just as much. I love "stopping time" with black and white photos, they're the best.

I love writing poetry, which is another hobby of mine, but let's save those talents for another page. 

I'm a runner- I enjoy staying pretty active (some days).

On the flipside, you can also find me watching HGTV or mentally booking my next vacation. Tahiti, please. 

When I'm referred to as someone's "photographer," that is not the term that I hear. 

I am your family's capturer- of life and of love. I am your family's annual creative director. Photography goes beyond what you see, it's the process that went into how something was captured. 

It is the father's twinkle in his eye when he meets his daughter, it is mom scolding her son to make a real smile, it is the dog uncontrollably slobbering all over, it is the cackle of 5 people laughing who can all love and hate each other in just under 10 minutes and 'literally can't even'... it is life's moments that are truly a snapshot of who you and your family are. Enough with the basic backdrops from J.C. Penny's, enough with the iPhone and Snapchat filters... it is time to document your real story and timeline of life (in pretty clothes, of course). 

When I am referred to  as someone's "photographer," that is the best compliment I will hear. 

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