How long have you been a professional photographer? Since 2013.
Did you go to college for photography? No, but I have been in classes and clubs since elementary school! I love learning new things about this career everyday. 
What is your style? Deep, emotion-saturated moments, with style and a commitment to detail.
Do you work alone? It depends! For weddings, events, and large groups, I offer a second photographer so that no moments are missed!
Do I need to pay a retainer to book? Yes. For portrait sessions: $50. For weddings: 30% of your selected package. Of course, these are applied towards your services.
Do you offer payment plans? For weddings and events, payment plans are available. 
Do you deliver our images digitally? How many should we anticipate? I do! Images are delivered via Dropbox and/or a personalized USB for weddings. For a standard session, you will receive 60+ images, for an event or wedding, you will receive 400-800 photos. It varies on the length of your event, but we try to deliver as much content as possible!
How long will it take to get my pictures back? For standard sessions, I ask for 2-6 weeks, however, sometimes it's a few days. For weddings and events, 30 days.
Do you offer albums and prints? Yes! Please send me an inquiry for pricing if you are interested. 
What happens if you have an emergency or need to cancel? My contract states that a backup is guaranteed and your day will not be doomed! (p.s.- I never get sick!) 
What should we wear? I always recommend blues, blacks, and deeper colors. White can be washed out or manipulated during the editing process and lets be honest, everyone feels they photograph better in darker colors. If you're second guessing your color scheme, just ask me! 

Do you have any other questions I can answer for you? Contact me here!